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Travel is my number one passion. Alongside Rock My World travel we can ignite your wanderlust and make your travel dreams a reality. Alisoun Mackenzie

As soon as I embarked upon my first backpacking trip in 1991, I knew life would never be the same. I loved the freedom, discovering new places, meeting people and experiencing different cultures. I also felt more energised and connected to my authentic self than I’d ever been. When I returned home in 1994, I set up one of the UK’s first travel clubs and have been an avid traveller ever since.

In January 2020 I led a team on a trip to Cambodia to visit a school we’d raised funds to build. It was a life-changing experience for everyone and fuelled my desire to run more impact trips.

A couple of months later I met Isobel from Rock My World Travel and we quickly realised it made perfect sense for them to organise my trips. Booking through a travel agent can get you better deals, save time, and give you more protection and support compared to booking directly.

It was a wonderful bonus to discover my friends, family and contacts can also benefit. Read on to find out more about how Rock Your World Travel and make your travel dreams come true and the bonus you will get if you mention my name when booking.

Have fun!

Alisoun x

My Favourite places – Bali, Nepal and Sydney                


The Rock My world difference

Travel is in our DNA

Travel is part of who we are, and for over 13 years this has been our everyday passion. New places, experiences, friendships, it’s what life’s about, and that has been our life in work and play.

Having this wanderlust eventually proved too much to resist and we decided to take all this experience and business nous and create travel adventures and experiences we’d love to go on ourselves. And Rock My World was born…

Think of us as your knowledgeable travel expert and friend who gets just as excited as you do about your next adventure. That’s us!

We’re also going to look after you every step of the way, delighting you with little surprises throughout your Rock My World experience.


Handpicked by Alisoun

Why book with Rock my world

Concierge travel on us

Our ethos has always been focused on providing a full-service experience.

That means different things to different people, but for us it’s doing whatever it takes to make your holiday experience the best it can possibly be. 

From the first time we chat, our role is all about understanding your requirements and then getting to work to make your experience exceptional.

We partner with superb suppliers the world over and through our extensive personal travel experience, have friends in all the right places, that can make things happen.

Surely there’s a catch though?

No catch, no fees, just our full attention 🙂

Our philosophy has always been the same. Provide the best possible experience and service that speaks for itself.

We don’t spend money on advertising, instead, we have a Concierge Manager, that along with our core team, takes care of your every need from first till last. 

This has included everything from booking Breakfast at Tiffany’s in New York to sea kayaking with whales in South Africa.


Exclusive Offer

complimentary lounge passes with your first booking*

* 2 lounge passes per booking with a minimum value of £2,000.

Your personal expert

travel consultants

Meet our friendly team. We are here to provide you with exceptional service to ensure that you have the best travel experience possible.

Isobel McCardie

Favourite Destination: Italy

Mark Mccardie

Favourite Destination: Mauritius

Stewart Robertson

Favourite Destination: Florida

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